No Credit Needed

For customers that prefer no credit needed financing, Furniture and Mattress Warehouse offers 90 Day PAYMENT OPTION Progressive Leasing.

If approved, simply bring your approved application number and a photo identification to the Furniture and Mattress Warehouse Store nearest you. Applying online will save you time and allow you to shop for your new bed knowing your approved credit limit. Call or Visit Furniture and Mattress Warehouse Store for complete details.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1 - How can I be approved for No Credit Needed Payment Option?

Credit approvals are based on two factors:You must be employed for at least 6 months with a gross income of $1,000 a month; and

You must have an open, active bank account established for at least 3 months with NO returned checks or NSF fees within the last 30 days.

Q2 - What is the interest rate/payment?

Since this is a lease/purchase program- there is no interest rate.  Lease payments are 15% of the invoice per month. Example: $1,000 invoice = $150/mo payment.

Q3 - How long is the lease agreement?

All lease/purchase agreements are 12 months.

Q4 - Are there any buyout options?

Progressive Leasing offers early buyout options to customers who wish to wown the merchandise outright before the 12 month term is up.  There are two buyout options: 

90 Days Payment Option-You pay only the invoice amount and a $49 + Tax initial payment within 90 days of the delivery date.

65% buyout option-If you wish to own the merchandise outright after 90 days, you may purchase it at 65% of the balance left on your account.  For example:  After six months, you wish to purchase your bedding outright and the balance on your agreement is $500.  The 65% buyout option will allow you to buy the merchandise for $325.

Q5 - What documents are needed for the approval process?

The following documents are required for an approval:

Application (you can either apply in store or apply on line).

Most recent paystub

Bank Statement from the last 30 days

Photo ID

Year to Date Pay Stub

Voided Personal Check 

Q6 - What is the initial Payment?

There is a $49 + TAX initial payment fee that will be collected once your contract has been process.