Worry Free Protection

Furniture and Mattress Warehouse now introduces MasterGuard+ Fabric Protection

MasterGuard+ has been operating in the fabric protection industry for over 20 years. MasterGuard+ offers the finest fabric protection available. With people always on the go these days the last thing they need to worry about is the appearance of their upholstered or leather furniture, cushions, etc.

With MasterGuard's special formulated fabric protection you won't have to worry about those spills, stains and toddler mishaps on mattresses, upholstery, leather furniture, cushions etc....

This amazing protection prevents oil and water based stains from penetrating into the upholstery and fabrics, guaranteeing ease of cleaning and giving you peace of mind.

MasterGuard+ offers a 3 yr warranty against:

  • Permanent fabric staining from anything you eat or drink and more!! 
  • Protects new fabrics from water, dirt and grease to keep them looking new
  • Non-toxic and odourless when dry
  • Non-flammable, will not change the feel, colour or breatheability of the fabric
  • Reduces fading caused by the sunCaring for your upholstery

General soiling can occur on all fabrics whether or not fabric protection has been applied. Here are a few causes of general soiling: Airborne dust / dirt, smoke and airborne oily soils, human body oils, soiling deposited from shoes, pets, clothing, etc. The most effective manner by which to keep your upholstery clean and looking like new is to vacuum weekly making sure to vacuum all surfaces, including decking. This is the most effective way to prolong fabric life and reduce surface soiling.

Additional fabric care suggestions

Reducing wear: If you have reversible cushions, you should reverse them once per week. This will allow them to wear evenly, prolonging their life. If possible, you should rotate / rearrange the position of your furniture from time to time to ensure even usage of your furniture and carpeted areas.

How to clean a spill

Should a spill occur, you should blot the spill immediately (never scrub the fabric). Blotting should be done with a clean, dry rag or towel and repeated until the spill is removed. Liquid beading may or may not occur depending on the weave of the fabric. On fabric with a coarse weave, liquids will appear to soak in; however, the fabric fibre will remain dry and protected. On fabrics with a tight weave (in most cases) liquids will bead and spills are more easily removed.